Am I dating a mommas boy?

boyfriend is almost 40 years old
His mom calls him sometimes every day just to check in.
She cooks for him, does our laundry, sends him emails constantly. Keep in mind she visits frequently. She lives in another city

She makes jabs at me "you should really clean this out" even though she knows I'm struggling with depression and just had a baby. She has bought me clothes but they look like old lady clothes and not my style. She has told me I should get my boyfriend to show me how to budget. Even though I know how to. He has lived with them before he moved in with me. She's always throwing in suggestions, his personality changes when he's around her (voice gets calmer and softer, seems like a sweetheart) she's a push over by the way and his dad is an ass. She is really needy "can you get me this" "pass me that" but I'm not sure if that's just her being old, or not. She is really 1950s. But it just comes across as fake and creepy. After he had some issues with angry and was being abusive towards me and his parents found out and came over to talk to Me, she came over and started asking me about my problems. She acts like him finding out I was pregnant was Sooooooo hard on him (even though I was homeless) and has used the word "burden" for a long time she would keep asking him if he got out the house today. As if I'm keeping him cooped up here. When I'm basically here everyday and a SAHM. What does everyone think?


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  • is your boyfriend capable of doing all of the things his mother provides for him? if so, then i wouldn't necessarily call him a mommas boy, maybe he just can't turn down his mother because it might hurt her feelings?

    • I just feel like when you become a man and start your own family there should be boundaries established. Nothing wrong with loving your mom and being close to your family. But I feel like calling everyday just to check in is a little excessive don't ya think. He can do laundry and cook he's more Than helpful around the house he just lacks maturity and has a hard time taking responsibility for his behaviour. And his mother has made plenty of excuses for him

    • yeah i agree, I think he should do things differently. you two just need to sit down and really talk about this.

  • Be happy he's close to his family


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