Guys , I need some help can anyone give me advice please?

So I am a young mom 19yrs and I'm living with my by daddy at my parents house. A few months ago my mom passed away and I found out he was cheating so I've had a terrible relationship with my baby daddy and I don't love him no more.
so I recently met this guy and we started talking on the phone every weekend when he's off. We've become friends and has gave me advice and I like him a lot. He has a girlfriend that lives in Cali so he has a long distance relationship but he said he would leave her and want a serious relationship with me. He says he wants to get married and in the future have a kid with me if I want to tho. So I do like him a lot and I asked if he would accept my kids and treat me good , he said yes and that he would defend me from my baby daddy since my baby daddy has hit me once and well he says that he would like for us to meet up and talk in person he'll take me out to eat and yea. So could you tell me your point of view on this?:/


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  • You haven't even met the guy and you are talking about marriage? You are living with your boyfriend and I would presume that means it is supposed to be a monogamous relationship but you are talking to another guy; that is cheating. The fact that your boyfriend cheated on you would be a good reason to kick him out but it does not justify cheating. Now, you are both cheaters.

    The new guy is in a LDR and supposedly that is also supposed to be monogamous but he is talking to you so he is a cheater also. He will tell you anything to impress you at this point.

    Getting married is not a solution to the problem of living at home with your father.

    1. Kick the current boyfriend out. If you are willing to tolerate violence from him, you are part of your own problem.

    2. Stop talking about getting married; it won't solve your problems.

    3. If you are feeling horny, get a vibrator. Right now, a battery operated boyfriend is your best solution.

    4. If you just insist that you need to have a poke with the new guy, have sex with him but use birth control.

    • Yea i told him I'm scared he might just use me and leave me , that he might just want to have a good time with me that's it and he said he doesn't that why do I think bad about him and we really do need to meet in person.

  • Yep if that guy is accepting the way you're then you should leave your baby's dad and be with that new guy and spend your rest of life happily 😉