Any 5'9 or taller girls on here who are attracted to really short guys?


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  • I'm about 6'0. I used to give shorter dudes a try but they always made such a huge deal about their height and just the insecurity was too much for me to handle because no matter how I tried to console them they'd just be upset about it all the time.

    • All short guys are that way? Okay.

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    • The cards not important. What is important is that I won the game we were playing. And thank you!

    • Hahahaha okay. Welcome. :)

  • I don't mind shorter guys, but when they never stop going on about my height it pisses me off

    • Vice vera I guess. I never really think about any of that. I just say how I feel. I'll mention height, but in most cases it doesn't come up.

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