Does he like me?

There's this guy I find cute. Let's call him Jayden.
I've known him for a couple of years now, but he has a girlfriend 😥.
Anyway his one aunt lives in the same area as my grandmother.
Both of us visits this area every Christmas and usually stay there until new years.
The whole week I was there I didn't see him, but the Wednesday evening my cousin and I went down to the beach.
We were there for about 10 mins then I noticed he was also on the beach with friends. I made like I didn't know his there because I didn't want him to feel like his important to me.
After sitting there for 30 mins he came over and greeted me. We talked for like 5 mins and then he told me to enjoy my evening further.

One of the guys on the beach called me over to talk to me ( he was hella cute)
While we were talking, Jayden came over and said "hello, you can't talk to my girlfriend " but he was making a joke. So i didn't take him serious

New years eve... on the beach once again. I knew he was gonna be there. I was walking with my cousin but he was holding my hand and Jayden saw, he looked pretty bummed. After having the count down, one of my friends called me to wish me happy new year. So I while I was talking on the phone he called me over to wish me happy new year but I didn't hear anything so said bye to my friend on the phone and asked him what he said and he told me he just wished me. So we said goodbye

Around about 1am, I was talking to a couple of guy friends and one of them introduced me to someone. While talking to this guy Jayden came over and told the guy he cannot talk to, the guy asked "why? Who is this girl?" and he said "this is my ex girlfriend "

So I told him to stop talking nonsense and he just walked away

This other guy was flirting with me and he stood about 1 meter away from us with his hoody on. The guy started touching my arm and face and he kept staring.

Does he like? B


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  • It sounds like he may be attracted to you. How much so, I can't say since he hasn't seemed to tell you anything. The fact he has a girlfriend is really important though. Unless he breaks up with her, any feelings he may have for you may just be artificial. He doesn't have any claim on you unless he breaks up with her and expresses he has feelings for you. He may like you, but unless he tells you you can't really know for sure!

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