Is getting put in the friendzone permanent?

I know from my past experince that once you are in that zone you are pretty much stuck there.

I would like to know if its ever perament or if things do change?
Is there anything that i could do to respark her interest?

Most i would just stop talking to and just move on, but there are those ones that you observe to see they are ones that you could see yourself in a healthy relationship with.

For me it is tough to break past that point to just move on.


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  • Nope!

    I had a best guy friend who was IN LOVE with me. 2 years into our friendship, we finally dated because I ended up falling for him.

    We didn't last, but we still remain very good friends to this day. So yes, it's possible for her mind to change.

    Ladies (and guys), never be afraid to give a best guy/girl friend a chance because you feel it'll "ruin the friendship". If that's the case, the friendship was based off of one thing only: getting you. If that fails and they leave, they were never a true friend. If you two split and can still be friends like me and my guy friend, then it's a sign that despite everything that happened, he/she will always be there.

  • No. Friendships are often a good basis or jumping off point for a romantic relationship.

  • No, my boyfriend used to be in the friend zone with me. Now I want to marry him Lol


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