Should I expect a second date?

Met this girl when she came to visit where I worked; she's a radio reporter. We exchanged numbers and she initiated contact, it took a couple weeks to meet up because we were both traveling for the holidays. Finally was able to met herfor drinks last night and I had a good time just shooting the shit with her for 2-3 hours. I walked her back to her car, we happened to park in the same lot, this led to about a minute of making out (which I didn't expect to be quite honest) and likely would have lasted longer had we both not had work early in the morning.

Texted her this morning to let her know I had a great night with her and asked if she would be interested in going out again this weekend. She told me she had a fun time with me, but she has a wedding in DC this weekend, though she would love to meet up again next weekend.

I'd like to think I'm fine here, but I'm cynical from past first dates that I thought went well but didn't translate to a second date.


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  • if she said she would love to meet up don't worry too much about it! you're totally fine :) i'm sure she wants to meet up again!


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