He doesn't want me anymore?

he acted as if I met him go? when in fact I was depressed. I pushed him away, came back after 9 months and he didn't want me anymore. He doesn't even want to see me. If I did hurt him why didn't he just say so, why hide liking me? He said I have a bad personality and he only saw me 4times. He doesn't want me now anymore and I feel really bad. I feel bad I treated him harshly but at that time I treated everyone harshly, he doesn't want me anymore.


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  • Well, you said it yourself, you treated him badly and managed to make him dislike you by 4 occasions.

    Oh well, plenty of other fish in the sea; just don't treat them harshly.

    • im in a tough situation,

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  • Depression is so debilitating and when someone's depressed they often say things totally out of character. Only those who have an insight into depression can fully understand the reasoning behind your "behaviour" He obviously can't see past your depression

    I would try to move on from him. You deserve to be with someone who can see you at your worst but still love you. It's during the worst moments in your life that you'll see the true colours of those who say they care about you ❤

    • He is a doctor specialized in psychiatry, he said fix yourself and then come back

    • Then he's not qualified in psychiatry. He's messing with you

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