What would it take for you to start a long distance relationship with someone?

I met this guy almost a year ago and we live in different states. We kept in contact and for the last 4 months have been talking every day. We talk about anything and everything and there's been a lot of definite flirting. I plan on making a trip to see him in 2 months but I'm not really sure what we are to each other. I know I'm falling for him but I don't really know how he feels about me. He told me that he likes that we can talk about anything and that he thinks I'm awesome and a total sweetheart but he's never really came out and said that he has feelings for me. But he is typically the one that initiates the conversation. Honestly, he's the only guy that I want to be with. What would make you consider being in a long distance relationship or starting one with someone?


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  • I wouldn't really want to be in a long distance relationship if I could help it, but if my boyfriend would have to leave somewhere far I would be willing to do so.