Husband is trying to buy a vehicle too small for our family?

Kind of curious to hear men's opinion on this matter. My best friends husband is the exact same way my husband is. Recently he sold his vehicle and two weeks later my vehicle bit the dust (talk about bad timing). We are currently using a rental SUV until we find a vehicle suitable for our family. Well today he decides to tell me that he is taking the $4,000 that we have for a vehicle and putting it toward a small car that is barely big enough for us and our three kids. Two of our kids are in car seats and one is in a booster. I've tried explaining to him that there is no way possible that we will be able to fit all three seats of the kids in the back of that tint vehicle and he just about went off the rocker about how he doesn't care if it is uncomfortable and he will just simply "take our daughter out of her car seat and buy her a booster". My daughters 3 and needless to say I would never allow him to do this. Way too dangerous and oh yeah, illegal. Anyways, there is no changing his mind. And now on going to be out of a vehicle anyways because I refuse to put my babies in dangers way just because he is simply fed up with not having his own vehicle and I will have to save up, again, to purchase my own. I do want to clarify for some of you that $3,500 of the $4,000 is mine. From my savings account. Not his. So no, I'm not being money hungry or "too picky". Anyways, your thoughts? Anyway to make him think clearly on such a topic?


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  • Why don't you tell him everything you just told us?

    *the solution to half the questions on this website*


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