Is it okay if a guy says another girl is cute?

I mean if the guy is dating a girl , well that's what it looks like but they don't take pictures of kissing. Is it wrong for the guy to give another girl a compliment?


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  • Well you're not sure if they're dating or not... so if he is actually in a relationship, then I don't think it's okay.

    • So why would he say that then? Doesn't he have his own girlfriend to compliment?

    • Don't know his motives or the context in which he said it... can't really tell you.
      For example did he specifically call you cute, or was he mainly talking about something you did, hard to say.

    • Yes out of nowhere he said I look cute, but I'm not positive if I'm speaking to him or his girlfriend.

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  • My female friends seem to force me to admit that certain girls are pretty or cute all the time, so I think a girlfriend might do that too.

  • Based on my experience it's best to keep your thoughts private or just simply

  • Only if the girl is truly OK with it


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