My boyfriend is being weird?

So I'll start out with this, I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 24. We have been together for three months and things are great. I have bad anxiety about relationships though because I was in an abusive one for two years. So anyways, my bestfriend decided to talk to my boyfriend to tell him that I was worried he would hurt me or anything and he responded hostilely and he said that that was a childish accusation and she didn't accuse him or anything and then she asked him to just assure me that he wouldn't hurt me and he said why and she said because I care about him a lot and asked him if he's ever had anyone to where it feels to good to be true and he said "so blinded by emotion that I question reality? No. I called him after I had found out and he acted normal toward me on the phone and he acted normal and even made plans with me tomorrow and was sweet and told me to text him when I got home. I did and he didn't respond but he was on Instagram. He does that quite a bit but he forgets to reply to me and to other people as well.
Does this seem weird?


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  • Nope. You're over thinking it. Guys forget shit at times, but doesn't mean we don't care. There are men that are attentive to their women and some are completely absent. We don't care if women are on their social medias or whatever, so don't go there.

    When we ask you guys to text us when you get home. It alerts us that you're home safe. Have you ever thought about: If you hadn't sent a text, he may have wondered and sent you a text first, instead? Who cares, maybe he's just like that... even his past relationship was into IG...3 months is nowhere close to be considered serious in my opinion.

    Don't complicate shit. We are not hard to decipher like you perceive us to be. Communicate, trust, love. Being in a relationship really isn't all about looking out for number one anymore.


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