I don't need friends or a girlfriend?

I Think I'm done.
All I need is money just so I have a stable life and work on my hobbies, talents.

Friends: Since 8th grade nobody has given back the full or even the half of what I give in return. I can ask to go out with any friend and they reject it and they never ask me for anything. It's like I don't count in anything except for some occassions.

Girls: Well fuck it. Acne you done fucked it up. Showed me how shallow girls can be and I get too caught up trying and trying and trying to get one and nothing works. Girls don't consider me even as a friend. I have never had a female friendship.

If I have a bad personality then fuck them. I don't want to change. I love the way I am. I always laugh, always happy, always motivated, always determined even with those huge falls that I take in life, always caring about people, helping them and it seems nobody considers shit when all the people I met don't care shit in everything they do. They seem they just kind of want something or they just settle in for the fastest because they don't want to consider good things.

I'm going to be just fine. Giving out my dog. Lately I could care less about him and I only feed him. Doubt I can take care of a girl. I'm meh about my family atm. Parents are getting back together after a semester of seperation but when I heard they were getting back, I didn't get happy. Actually I think I got mad because I thought I was going well and getting better living alone until 6pm to see my dad for 5 minutes and go back to my room to study.

I'm done. I don't need all this shit and it seems I'm happier than the rest of the hummanity. They need so much so they can feel better. Bunch of BS.

eh whatever. I don't give a fuck to even talk to anyone about it.


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  • Maybe
    1) Offer more to conversations or something. You sound like the kid in the friend group who never offers anything, but follows the group around all the time anyway.

    2) You don't have to stop making friends... just stop TRYING. Let them come.

    • lol. Nobody gets friends without trying. If a person says good morning I have to try and say good morning as well. It isn't something I can't control.

      I offer more than the rest of the group put together, sometimes they say I offer way too much that they get bothered. Not kidding. I had a preferred group but I was never on the same group.

    • I don't purposefully seek out friends. I just talk to people who talk to me and we eventually become friends. If you think about it, that's how all friends are made--through circumstance and talking.

      I dunno. You just haven't found your match.

    • well. Feels hopeless with no female friends through out my life and really short time friends.