Girl on dating site friend zoned me... already?

So I'm on a dating site and I've been messaging back and forth a few times with this girl, well it turns out we have some things in common so I kind of thought we were getting along ok. So anyways, I asked what she liked to do in her free time besides what we were talking about. She was like, well she doesn't do much else yet cause she's been focusing on school, but she said she's working on doing more fun things again. I message back and I said, well it sounds like you need a guy like me to spice things up a bit for you :P Then she messages back and was like well we could maybe be friends. I don't get why girls come on dating sites just to make friends.


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  • The friendzone doesn't exist. She's just politely rejecting you. Move on because sticking around won't make her fall in love with you.

    • Then why does she waste her time messaging me?

    • I don't know. Ask her: "if you only want to be friends then why are you messaging me on a dating site?"

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