How do you not be desperate?

I am pretty desperate, and I can't seem to stop myself from coming off that way. I have never had a girlfriend, girls always tell me I am good looking, and nice, and all that, and they tell me I will get a girlfriend soon, but that just never happens. At this point every time I meet a girl that flashes me a smile, I like her, and I like her until she shuts me down, or until I make such a fool of myself that I stop talking to her out of embarassment. I have never turned a girl thats shown interest in me down, usually I just make them lose interest in me through my somewhat desperate behavior, and I dont know how to stop that. What do I do?


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  • I think many of us guys who have been single for a prolonged period of time are desperate. ajust whether we admit it or not.

    And yeah, not acting desperate can prove difficult sometimes. But the way to circumvent this annoying propensity is to keep yourself occupied with other things. Perhaps get yourself employed in a stressful job, girls would then be one of the least of your concerns. But even so, every once in awhile your desperation will return and you just got to fight it. Lol, I face the same problem as u man.

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