The date was perfect, he even said he was a little in love with me but?

It has been 2 days since i haven't received any calls or texts from him.
Why do you think he did this?


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  • I had a perfect date with this girl we went out to lunch between classes for her it ended up being a all day thing, I though it was amazing but she brought up she wasn't over her ex. I got discouraged and didn't talk to her again, I wish she texted me or something so I knew I had a chance, but I guess she was waiting for the same from me after she said that.

    Message him, let him know.

    • Oh sorry about that.:/ But the thing is, what should I say? I'm afraid I'll get rejected

    • Just say hey, what's up/ how you doing, i had a lot of fun hanging out/ on our date the other night.

      Don't be afraid of being rejected, rejection is temporary it's better to find out then to wonder what is I asked him, what is I did message him?

What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe he wants to see that you are just as attracted to him as he is to you. Nobody likes it when they always have to text first. You go ahead and send him a message or call. Don't act like something's wrong, just ask him how his day was and continue the conversation

    • Yeah.. that's true. I'll do that

  • Maybe he is waiting for you to reach out to him

    • I think I should wait for him to hit me up

    • You can but what do you have to lose by texting him?