I met a great guy but he's moving away and he seemed pushy. How would you feel about this?

So my friend told me about this great guy who had an online dating profile.. he was tall, dark, handsome, educated and doing very well for his age. We spoke on the phone, I liked his voice, but then he told me he's moving away and then I was kind of disappointment but wanted to at least meet him before he went.
We went out yesterday. He took me to a beautiful park with gardens, where we had a chat. He said he thinks I'm easy to talk to. He's only spoken to me for an hour and said that.. I thought he was moving fast without really knowing me. He then took me out to an expensive dinner and picked up the tab. I could tell he's trying to impress me..
As we were walking back to our cars, he pulled me aside and said to me "you know.. from what I heard about you from your friend.. I never thought I'd meet a girl I'd like this much"..
"Long distance is hard, and it's messed me up before, but... love hurts, and no pain no gain.. I'm willing to take the risk for a girl like you".
It brought tears to my eyes and we hugged briefly.
He tried to kiss me, but I pulled away as I thought he was just rushing things..
He also said "Watch this" and deleted his dating profile in front of me. I was like "You didn't have to do that". He goes "I don't need it.. if it doesn't work out with you, it won't work out with anyone there".
He then said, "I normally wouldn't rush things like this, but we may never see each other again.. I may never hear from you again.. so I'm telling you whatever I feel from the botom of my heart.. I've leave it in your hands.. no pressure from me, you're free to date who you want.. have a good night" and went off.
All up, I felt a lot of pressure and thought it was crazy fast, but at the same time, he's a great guy.. definitely has it all...
I haven't heard from him.

What do you think of this guy? Would you text him? Do you think he's a sleazebag? Or romantic? Or desperate?


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  • He's moving away. Move on.