Is not fighting with your boyfriend weird?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months now and we've never had a fight, or even a debate for that matter. So nothing even close to fighting. Is that weird? I know that 4 months isn't long, but is this still a "honeymoon phase"? It may help to know that my boyfriend and I are very mellow and laid back and I forgive easily and don't get mad often.


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  • Four months really isn't long at all, and if you're under 18, there really isn't that much to fight about in the first place. Wait until you're buying a car together, going on vacation with his parents, or having a kid together. Then you'll actually have something to fight about.

  • It's normal for right now. Trust me, if you guys last long enough there will definitely be arguments. But that's okay. People don't always have to agree with one another to love each other.

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