How to be more optimistic with girls?

There is a girl I like at my work. She has everything I am looking for in a girlfirend. Everything from looks (I know looks don't matter) all the way to personality and even has a "dirty mind". We have things in common. Well the issue is she's got a "BF". Even though she says he's an a hole and a psycho. Also from what I gather he doesn't care about her. My co workers keep bugging me to go after her. I am a realistic. Realistically speaking I doubt she likes me. Even though I've seen signs to prove other wise. I am not that guy who thinks ever girl wants me. Never been that way. But how do I be more optimistic that maybe she could like me. I've had this problem with other girls as well.

I guess what's concerning me the most is that I misinterpret her signs and it gets really awkward. It's happened before to me and it sucks


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  • Bro don't lie... men are visual creatures. Looks matters...
    Build up the courage to ask her out on a friendly date. It doesn't need to be flat out in a 5☆ restaurant. Keep it casual.
    1. She isn't married so a friendly date is harmless.
    2. No sane and happy woman wants to be in an abusive relationship.
    3. Compliment
    4. Be yourself. She's a coworker so she may have asked around secretively what kind of a man you are.
    5. Tell her that you're into her. Don't play mind fuck games. Man up. She already threw you some bread crumbs.
    Good luck 😆

    • Update to your update - Bread crumbs or not, there is no harm showing her there are better men out there than the current one she is in. I am not condoning it's alright to creep when the woman is spoken for, but if the guy doesn't treat the woman right, I clearly wouldn't care then and would try to veer her to a much better place, especially if I have feelings for her.

      You have sex talks with her so she is comfortable talking to you. What are you waiting for?