Is it ok to ignore a guy you've casually dated if he leaves it weeks after to text you?

I've casually dates a guy, nothing heavy, we've met 7 times, been intimate once. He usually goes quiet after I see him even though he is always active on whatsapp. If I contact him he will be short and sweet.
So maybe 2/3 weeks will pass before he sends a casual hello.
After he disappeared the 2nd time I realised he's not that interested.
I know he won't tell me his true intentions as I've tried and not got much out of him.
So im guess I'm thinking next time to just ignore him and see if he just fades away as maybe I don't owe him a explanation due to his disrespectful behaviour. This guy is not young but I. His senior years.

I like this guy and thought I felt some chemistry but the times he goes quiet drive me nuts and just when I've started to forget him, he reappears.


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  • Yes but do you still have feelings for him


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  • I like to know where I stand with people , so if they ignore me then their lack of response tells me exactly where I stand with them. So I never "disturb" then again!

    Personally, I believe if someone wants you to be part of their life then they'll make an obvious effort to put you in it. You shouldn't have to "fight" or " wait" for a place

    Yes, I believe you should stop contacting him, because sometimes it's necessary to distance yourself from some people... If he cares he'll notice. If not then you know exactly where you stand with him. Xx 💗


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  • I would just ignore him. If you want a relationship and he isn't interested, then I would let him fade out.

    TBH some people are just not meant to be in our lives.

  • Sounds like a good idea. His attention is focused elsewhere.