What is up with this guy?

I've been tlking to this guy for going on two months. It started off good, but now its isn't going anywhere. I've ended, whatever youd call it that was going on, i have no clue on what exactly it was. I tried talking to about what he wantdd still got nowhere. Id stop talking go him for days then he will text. Im just really annoyed anx the only reason I turn back is because I like him a lot anx I dont really understand why out of all people I chose him. To futher elaborate on what happens is we would daily just speaking, then we would get into it, stop talking for 2-3 days then we are back at the same thing all over again. I want more but when i talk to my sister about it she says he is being childish since he is 10 years older than me and that he has someone and is trying to play with me which is crazy as hell. Also, we never had sex. Id like help from someone who has experienced something like this. Guys could you relate to him in anyway to help me pin point what he might be experiencing?


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  • Only he can tell you that.

    • But when I bring this up , he avoids answering my questions. I don't understand him at all.