All those things, he has feelings for me or just trying to be nice to me? How do I ask he about this?

I'm 30 and he is 36, we meet 7 months ago. He is like an open book. First two dates just have dinner, walk around, talk about each other's life, but somehow from the third time we became like friends with benefits.
We texted, not everyday, but most time he initiated the conversation, and if I reply then he would text me back pretty fast.
In the beginning we really were just like friends with benefits, but slowly slowly we spooned after sex, tickled each other, asked me spend the night (used to be called the cab for sending me home, then text me make sure if I got home yet), went out for brunch or he bought me breakfast and made me some tea. And if he have a trip to other country, he'll buy me gifts..
I just wonder all those behaviors are normal friends with benefits would do? or just me trying to find the meanings behind the behaviors which are probably means nothing..
I think I do have more and more feelings for him, but I don't have the guts to talk about what's the situation now.. or he just trying to be nice to me..

Is there any other way to see how he feels for me? I really don't want to just go with the flow!


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  • Ask him how he feels.