Have you ever been in love with somebody but have never told them? If so why?

Just a question is it possible to be in love with doe mine and never tell them. I dated this girl for 2 months and 3 years later she old me she was in love with me then. Why wouldn't she tell me then?

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  • I am currently in love with a lady and I have not yet confessed my love to her. She has held herself back and I know that she cares for me but is not yet at a point where she feels the same love towards me. I am concerned that telling her may put her in a panic and she may run away from me. . . but I have decided to take a chance and tell her this weekend.

    If this girl had confessed her love to you 3 years ago, would your relationship possibly have taken a different course?


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  • All the time, I'm too shy, that's why I'm still a virgin in my late 30's :(

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