Is something wrong with me?

Girls frequently talk to my boyfriend (some even flirt), but weirdly, that doesn't annoy me or make me jealous at all. Then he sometimes gets upset and tells me that I should get jealous if I do love him. I just can't help it; I really don't feel jealous about it. He already turns them down when they keep bugging him, but what should I do to reassure him that I do like him even if I don't show any signs of jealousy?


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  • Its not you , its him; he needs to grow up and understand who you are!

    • If i was impolite... i am sorry

    • No not at all; I just thought it might be me since he was blaming me, but I guess I'll try to talk to him more about it and explain why I feel this way. Thank you for replying!

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  • You are Feeling very Secure about your own feelings of 'I don't show any signs of jealousy' because he has never given you any Reason of this Season to make you do Otherwise.
    However, I am Seeing Sure Signs of him being a bit Insecure here, dear, because with no part in your own heart of this, he feels you don't care. Maybe he just needs a little cuddling and convincing.
    Have a long talk with him. Open lines of convo is one of the most important things needed in Any relationship, and get on the same page So... No rage.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yes; I would say the same too! Thank you for replying. This was really helpful :D

    • Oh, so welcome, and happy to oblige, sweetie. xx

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  • No, because jealously truly is an ugly emotion and feels really bad, I suppose you just trust him because at the end of the day you're the one who has him and they don't. You should tell him that if you did get jealous, it would cause a lot of problems and that he should be the one to tell the girls that he has a girlfriend.

    • I see; I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for replying!

  • that's pretty good I wish I was like that.
    it means you re pretty confident about yourself and about him. just tell him that.
    and you re actions, the way you stand by him and all would show how much you love him.