Any tips on dealing with anxiety?

I have anxiety and today I am going to tell the guy I like that I have feelings for him. I know he wants to date me because he told my friend he does (she showed me the messages) and I am extremely nervous. Usually people only tell me they like me online- cause generally people online are the only ones who want to date me.


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  • First of all he is probably as anxious as you are about discussing your mutual feelings. Online personalities are strange some escape into a somewhat false personality while others and I think I am right in saying this includes you feel a disconnect from their anxieties and insecurities in real life begin to portray more of their true selves.
    I have a very simple tip for social anxiety there are people in this world who are close to me who think I am amazing and even over the years people have developed romantic feelings for me (my personal theory for that one is a comic book nuclear accident that affects otherwise normal people).
    So taking my logic forward if people want to date you online and I think that is closer to your real personality that bodes well for the you in real life just let more of your true self out.
    Anyway I think you are an amazing young girl who is really pretty and with a nod to your take yesterday, I have a gut feeling the odds are in your favour with this guy. Good luck but I don't think you need it.


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  • This is waaaayy outside my element, but, if anything I'd think the jitters would just make you seem more cute/appealing.


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