Is it over when she blocks me frm calling her?

I'm really lost and confused.

Few days back, she mentioned about space and so i gave her so. I didn't text her nor called her for a few days. A day ago, i gave a random text to start the convo and she just blew her tamper to me over me using her pic as my dp. (Which she said, it was cute and she's okay with it all this while)

And when i tried to call her, she plainly rejected it and blocked me eversince.

Few weeks back we are supposed to have our first meet up but she kept quiet and flaked me over and this was the third time it happened. I've been cool about it and let her have another chance bck then. I wouldn't say that I scolded her but I told her nicely that my time was really precious and I took leave frm work just for that occasion. (Which didn't happen in the end. Imagine yourself in my shoes) Since this incident, she's been blowing hot and cold air to me.

At times she would ask why i didn't call or text her and at one side if i did, she would even bother answering or reply.

So ladies, what are your intake. Is it totally over or should i just stay put. My heart is on the fence to wait and move on. I just need some neutral povs. I respect whatever you're gonna say here. Who knows maybe i will make the correct decision from here.


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  • I would suggest that you move on.
    It sounds like she has lost interest in being with you, but still likes the idea of the relationship and having someone who cares about her, thus the comments that you never call and the like.
    If she is standing you up without good reason then she doesn't really respect you enough to have a healthy relationship.
    It sounds like she was enjoying the relationship while things were really easy for her, and you were letting her behave how she liked without penalty. However when you pulled her up on standing you up when you had taken time off from work you made her choose between the relationship and what she wanted/what was easy for her. If this had been a single occasion then it would be forgivable, but as it sounds like it has continued since I see it as a significant problem.
    Unfortunately for those who are hovering between continuing a relationship and ending it, you can't choose to be in a relationship when you feel like it, and not at others within a matter of hours or days. This type of relationship isn't healthy.
    As much as you are for her, you need to respect yourself first. If you cannot respect yourself then the relationship will not be based on the basic principles of care and respect for each other.
    Although she is unlikely to be trying to intentionally cause you pain, you will save yourself a lot of heartache by moving on now.

  • I dont see how any opinion can be neutral when most hypotheticals ultimatley need to be drawn from personnal expeirience

    • Okay can.

    • No one can really know how you feel this is your heart were talking about right? What do you want to do its sounds like you somehow feel guilty about turning your back on someone you have feelings for like you need permission ok you have permission so now what? Closure moving on? So many things could be the cause for her being hot and cold and they probably don't got a dang thing to do with you.

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  • If she wanted you, she would meet up with you and be talking to you. Her hints are not subtle. Move on!

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