How come recently the guys I was talking to never contact me again?

Two guys recently have done this to me so far

First guy made an excuse when I asked if he wanted to hang out and he finally was honest a week later then he stopped contacting me

Months later I met this other guy and I called him on the phone asking him to hang out

He said yes but he stopped contacting me

I'm starting to get tired of talking to guys because of this shit



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  • It happened with 2 guys, consider it as just an unlucky period. If you get tired of talking to guys and stop, then you'll get anything.

    • I don't date a lot and I don't jump into relationships so being single is nothing new to me

    • I just mean that you shouldn't give up because of two guys.

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  • Its more of a rude person thing than a gender thing. If only those types of people could all just fall down a hole and rot in loneliness!

    • I never said it was a gender thing

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    • I'm heterosexual

    • I was just making the point that both males and females do this.

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