How do you get a women to message back if she hasn't replied in a while?

I went on a date with a women a few months ago that went super well (we both really enjoyed each others company). She then got really busy so I left it for a while then recently got back in contact. We've exchanged a few messages since then but she hasn't replied to my last one which was about a week ago (she normally takes 3 or 4 days to respond). Is there a way to get her to reply, like maybe some kind of short message that grabs her attention?


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  • It sounds like she is not interested but trying to avoid being rude. Or. . . she thought that you lost interest in her and are re-establishing contact becauseyou don't have any better options at the moment. Tell her that you are interested and ask her directly if she is interested in going out again.

    • Yeah I did actually ask her if she wants to go to the tennis cause its a common interest and she said she's on night shift then so could be tricky but she'll see...
      So I asked if she was free sometime before then to do something in the last message. I reckon she's still interested she's really animated in her msgs to me, just wondering the best way about getting her in regular contact again.

    • Is there a reason why you aren't just calling her and talking on the phone. It is easy to not respond to texts and you get so much more from an actual conversation. It seems to be lost art among younger people but this is a situation where the old-fashioned way does seem to produce better results. (But I'm not awfully old-fashioned. If you switch to talking on the phone, try to do Skype or FaceTime.)

    • Yeah I prefer talking on phone, but deleted her number after the first time cause I wasn't sure if we'd be in contact again. Asked if she wanted to chat over phone in the last message if she was too busy to go out, so waiting on that one.

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  • "Howdy bitch, got ur message other night"