I fancy a guy's girlfriend, who I used to be mates with, and me and the girl are really close. What do I do?

About 6 months ago I met this guy and we became mates. Then we both met this girl at work, who we both liked, but I then left for a month. When i came back I found out they were going out and that really upset me however I got over it and became good friends with both of them. He has now gone on a ski season and, although he still thinks of me as one, I no longer consider him a friend but more of an acquaintance. Since he's been away I've been hanging out with his girlfriend a lot and she has opened up to me. I haven't had anyone be so honest with me and it has brought the old feelings back, but much more intense. He also does not treat her with much respect. Basically I want to know whether first of all I am confusing the trust and openess of the friendship for something more and if not what I do going forward.


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  • You need to back off. She may be close with you, but she has a boyfriend. Now would you like it if some dude was trying for your girlfriend?

    Perhaps you are confusing her closeness with attraction. Maybe she is trying on cheat on him with you. Whatever it may be, it's better you stay out of this as long as they're together.

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