Does he want to be with her?

I have been datiing this guy for about two months. I've known sinse I met him that he had feelings for this girl in my acting 2 class but some stuff happend that tore them appart and he told me she had moved on so I wasn't worried. We are all very religious so I'm sure he wouldn't cheat. I have always got the feeling that our relationship was week because of her even though he thinks she has moved on. I felt he's wrong. a week ago she was at this party and when we walked holding hands she was sitting on the stairs with some friends. He waved but when she looked up she gave us this look of fear and despair. she waved back and went upstairs. I heared she was crying from her roommates. She had told the reason she hadn't been talking to him was she was scared he had moved on and seeing us made her upset but she 'was happy for him. now I'm scared, they had both been afraid to talk to eachother. then on Sunday she asked him to come talk to her, that she was confused and wanted to get some things off her chest so she could let go. he looked himself in his room and wouldn't talk to anyone. (he even left his laptop and phone in the living room)... Yesterday we got out of class and she was in the hall reading, he asked her if she could talk then and told me he'd catch up later then kissed me goodbye. has they walked down the hall I pretended to leave but I just went into a class that has two doors so i could hear from the other side.
He asked her what was up and she said she was scared. of him. she expained why she had been distant and stuff and that she loved him and wanted him to be happy "even if its not with me" he had this big explaination about how he was scared too and had thought she was done with him. then he said he loved her, always has, but he was "in a relationship right now but if if doesn't work out I want us to try." he told her he really wanted her in his life even if it wasn't romantic. then he asked her for a hug. she told him she want afraid anymore.

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  • Break it off since you already know he has feelings for another or you will end up being hurt.