Does she like me?

Reason why I ask is due to the fact she's a co worker and I don't want it to get awkward if she didn't like me. She stares at me and I was sitting outside on break, she sat really close to me. I noticed she was looking at me then why I looked at her she looked away. She laughs at jokes I make even dirty ones. She can be quiet around me then other themes she's talkative. Especially when talking about her lol. We were talk about tanning salons cause she's pale I'm her complexion. She was like I hated standing there naked, it felt so weird. Well of course being a guy I pictured it. Haha. Does she like me?


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  • I'm leaning more towards yes, she likes you. When you said she looks away after staring at you, that's a good sign right there. If you're still unsure, try giving her a smile the next time you see her and take note of her reaction. I think if you like her you should approach her. She's giving small signs if she tries to talk to you or tries to sit near you often. It's only awkward if you make it awkward, so don't let fear get in the way. Give it a shot, anon.