Do all guys like doing THIS with their Girlfriend?

I am talking mainly about the tumbling around and not the eyebrow waxing, or yoga poses. Why do guys like doing this with their girlfriend? Is it just a chance to be close? Or do guys like to wrestle, even with their girlfriends? Would YOU personally like to do this with your girlfriend?


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  • You mean cuddling, having fun, and being silly? Yes, I would personally love to do this with my girlfriend.

    • And why is this?

    • Cuddling is just relaxing. You feel great because you're close to your partner and it's a warm and protective feeling. If you've ever held hands with whomever you were attracted to, multiply that feeling by about 10 and that's pretty much how it is and why we enjoy it.

    • That's interesting. I've cuddled before, I was just wondering why guys liked it so much.

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  • Hahaha I saw the "air lifting" (don't know how to call it otherwise)... fortunately they seem to be experienced in doing this move, otherwise an accident could easily have happened.
    They clearly enjoy it but... I wouldn't do it otherwise the poor girl could end up in the ER :-(


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