Should I text her again?

I've been going out with this girl for a couple months, every once in a while she will be a little difficult to contact, but for the most part, things have been going well. She told me that she does not like it when a guy doesn't get a response to a text and sends "?". I've never done this, but we saw it on a show and she said she doesn't like that and that if she's not texting then she has a good reason, either she's busy or she's angry with you for whatever reason.

Today we have been texting sporadically, but I asked her if she wanted to come over tonight. It's been 3 hours, she has opened a snapchat and been on facebook, but she hasn't responded to my text. I don't want to be sitting here all night wondering if she's going to respond. Do you think it's safe if I send another text asking again?

This is my first relationship in a while and I don't want to mess things up, we've been going out about 3 months and it's a little annoying that I haven't gotten a reply (this doesn't happen often). And there is no reason she should be angry with me, at least I don't think so. We also went out to dinner earlier in the week and she said we should hangout "Friday, Saturday, Sunday" in a playful way, but still, it's not like she doesn't want to see me.


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  • Okay apparently every girl does that.
    Call her. If that doesn't work, give up for a week.

  • Eh I mean sure why not. You're text warranted a response, if she's busy, but not too busy to go on snap chat and facebook, then she should tell you

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