Do you think this Starbucks guy might be romantically attracted to me?

How it started. He casually spoke to my spoke to my sister and I at our starbucks table whilst he was tidying tables. He asked our names and I noticed his lovely smile/energy. After, my sister (who is married) said to me did I think he wqs flirting or just being friendly and at that point I didn't know and didn't think much on it.
Then I was back in starbucks sitting on my own. He came over and said he was taking a break soon and maybe he should come sit with me. I smiled, felt butterflies, said to him yes! He then 5 mins later after checking apologised saying his break isn't for another hour or so. I smiled, said its ok and we should again another time. Thats when I literally couldnt stop thinking of him. Gorgeous guy but i couldnt work out was he just being 'friendly coffee guy' or liking me. I went in about a week later and he came over again chatting about Christmas. It was Christmas eve and i felt this strong impulse to give him my number. This sounds confident but i was nervous as heck. Anyway after some intermittent talking i said "do u want my number, give me a text, we can maybe meet up sometime" :) he said yes... so i wrote it on my starbucks receipt. That night he texted me and we fired back 8 or so mesgs friendly just saying have a nice Christmas etc... His mesgs are very happy, energetic saying i make him smile talking to him, how he got told off by a manager for speaking to me but he doesn't care lol.. so a bombshell came. I tried to indirectly ask him if he is single and he said he is bisexual. Not good at relationships. Not good at expressing his feelings. He said he is 19 (i was shocked, he looks 25)... and he replies immediately most of the time i text him. Notice his hands shakey when he serves me in starbucks. I told him I am 30, he said i look 23... Im confused though because he is yet to text me first. Its me initiating the texts and he replies enthusiastically. Im confused about liking a bisexual guy and a 19 year old..


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  • This is a case of Mrs. Robinson; anyway, being that young, I don't think he's going to be into a serious relationship. However, if you like this guy, and it seems he likes you too, have fun.

    • Thanks for replying. U really think he likes me?

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    • Of course we do; that's why we walk a little taller and puff out our chest when we see an attractive woman.

    • Damn :) I just smiled... adorable!!!

      Yeah I must admit when I was 19, there's noooo way I would have taken control with a guy... So makes sense he expects me to or maybe thinks Im just being friendky not realising I fantasise about him..

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  • There's nothing confusing. You are confusing yourself. At this stage, he enjoys chatting. That's all there is. You attached too much fantasy into him asking you out.


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    • Typo there. For you. Not for him.

    • Thank you. U seem really nice!!! :) Want a laugh? I went in yesterday and must be his day off hehe, typical!!! X

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  • hey x, yea he is possibly confused about his feeling for you, he must like you if he shows you special attention and the compliments and such, if he shakes when serving you then yea he is just nervous talking to you, im sure if you guys talk more he will slowly become more comfortable and sometimes initiate texts... i never usually start the convo, I usually just get faced with a brick wall >.<

    • Thanks! Ur a sweetie. This is the thing aswell.. I checked out your profile, you are super gorgeous a d u are near his age... Im 30, I dont know why but lately Im totally into guys your age but would u even consider dating a 30 yr old... I think the age thing is making me worried he might get creeped out xx

    • a lot of guys my age like older women, i do and I don't know why, i think it may be because im more mature than my peers (when i want to be :3)... if he is showing interest in you then he certainly does too. im not on G@G that often so you can add me on kik if you like any advice anytime! kik: Aarron. M

    • Thank u babe xxx

  • age is number but bisexual it's up to you


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