Friend zoned twice. A few days of awkwardness and little contact. Then contacts me and communicating with me as if nothing happened. What's going on?


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  • I've been there and it sucks. :/ My best advise is to move on and not linger on what have could have been. It will hurt even more if you do. There will be someone who won't play games with you and will instantly see how awesome you are and go for it.

    If someone is interested in you they will just go for it. So keep being awesome and you'll find someone soon.

    • Yeah true thanks. Am happy to move on :)

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  • I guess she's trying to remain friends with you and/or doesn't want it to be awkward.

    Do you mean you asked her out twice?

    • First time after a few dates she said we were just friends then we went out again recently and I said would she like a proper date and she said I thought we were just friends. So I left it. For a few days she cooled on communication then back rltalking as if nothing happened. Am not persuing her anymore but we had a group meal today and she said beside me and company nite out and we spent lot of time in each others company

    • She isn't interested, move on.

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