When do I start putting in effort?

I just started dating this guy..We have been on three dates. One was lunch, just to actually talk and get to know one another (we met at a club), one was a movie and the third he made me dinner at his place and watched a movie. Our first kiss was on a second date, we made out hard core on our third date. Up until now, I have let him call all the shots. I honestly wanted to see if he was really interested. I am assuming now that he probably is. So, my question is, when should I start putting in effort? Meaning, when should I start calling, texting, etc. (He is NOT a big texter btw..) I have left it all up to him, because I didn't want to appear needy or desperate--which I am not. I just know men, and I know that when they want something (or someone) they will do everything in their power to get it. I have been VERY receptive and made it obvious that I like his phone calls, and dates, so he has to know I am interested. So, when do I start actually start "trying"?


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  • Telling a guy that you like his phone calls isn't exactly letting the guy know that you want him.

    Let see, he asked you out, went on 3 dates and he's kissed you and you just now assume that he's interested.

    Women typically have better social intuition than men. How do you expect a guy to know you are interested when you yourself took 2 dates to realize that he liked you.

    its so funny that both sides don't want to appear needy and desperate its amazing that people get together at all.

    A relationship is about two people its not always the guy doing everything.

    There has to come a point where he knows that his effort is paying off, that he's winning you over. Otherwise he's going to take his resources elsewhere.

    The second date should be when you should open up and do everything you normally do if you like a guy and want him.


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  • It's pretty weird to me that you don't "try" now.

    If you aren't needy or desperate, you won't appear needy or desperate. Go ahead and act naturally. Text him when you want to text him, call him when you want to call him, ask him out when you want to go out.

  • Sunday


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