I have given up on love?

I dont want to anymore, i tried dating around, i dont meet anyone special, im 23 years old and every guy i have encountered frustrated me. The guy i did liked... i dont know, it was almost love but i was missing something, i didn't trusted him or felt comfortable around him besides the physical. He rejected me after i asked to see him, now i m alone while he has a girlfriend (who is ugly as f) no joke. I see everyone in relationships enjoying their youth and i feel left, im still a virgin never even had sex and i feel repressed, i did wanted to have sex with the other guy but i felt cheap cause there was no meaning and he wasn't that kind to my body either. PFFF... i have given up on the idea of love. I never had a boyfriend, not even a youth love and just feel like everyone you meet disappears. I feel like i might the one i like when im old like 29 or so and then live a boring life. Im very repressed and reserved and the thought of sex also scares me. What is wrong with me?

this is me



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  • Nothing is wrong. It's all in our heads. Physical attraction, infatuation, lust, desire for someone of the opposite gender (or same I don't judge or give a shit), etc., etc. it's all part of the biochemical process in our bodies, the hormones and puberty, etc. It's all there just to fuck with us all just to fuck with our minds and hearts and make us miserable (except for Asexuals since they're lucky) Why is it like that as you may ask? Because it's trying to drive us to reproduce. It's sole purpose of existence it's just trying to reduce the Probability of any living species from dying out and becoming completely extinct. Not really all that special if you look deeper into those desires, feelings, and thoughts.

    At 23 you still have time, at least more than another decade before it gets really hard to really have a chance at all any more. It's never a really guarantee that ANYONE is going to be in a successful relationship eventually.

    I think there are even much MORE greater and larger concerns than just never being in any relationships or dated anyone and being still a virgin.

    You either keep trying and suffer from multiple failed attempts until you either do end up in a successful relationship or that you just decide to give up and/or postpone it altogether and direct all of your energy, focus, attention and time on something else that you KNOW that you CAN actually get done and will actually even have any real substantial chance of success in. Am I making any sense to you?


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