What does it mean if a guy says your name a lot in a text?

This guy that I like says my name a lot, in fact he says in 9/10 texts he sends me. He also tells me I'm beautiful a lot of times. And stuff like that. he also calls me baby too. But the thing is he a few days ago he told me he isn't looking for a relationship or girlfriend because he thinks it'll be hard to stay with someone for life and that there might be problems when for example he sees other girls that he thinks look good on instgram... etc. but then at the same time he also does those things I mentioned above, what does this mean? I told him how I felt and that I didn't wanna like him or anything since he's not looking for a girlfriend and he said "it's okay Leah, don't worry" I don't know what that means?

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  • If he says he doesn't want a relationship, then he probably means it so regardless of his feelings for you, if you DO want a relationship, it would be best to just stay friends with him.