Two best friends like me and I like one of them. They are gonna hate each other, right?

I found out that two girls, who are best friends, like me, but they don't know each other likes me. I like one of them back and I am gonna tell her tomorrow. They will hate each other now, right? Am I right to be scared?


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  • they won't hate each other, but the friendship might dwindle away if you start dating one of them.

    • I will date the one I like. I really hope they can still be friends

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    • Oh sh*t so that's a no :(

    • you never know dude. depends on how much the other one actually likes you.

  • Omg that's hard situation, they won't be in fight but they will start jealous from each other, so try to find a perfect way to tell her without hurting the other one

    • How though? I am really worried about causing drama

    • Mmm If ur too close to both girls , try to compliment the other girl just a little like tell her "ur amazing person, ur beautiful" just don't over do.. Then after a day or two days go to the one u like and tell her u love her

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