Should I even consider dating this guy or is this weird that he wants me to be his roommate after the first date?

I'm a travel nurse but have my home in Charleston where I come back to after my travel assignments. With the traveling bit, it makes it hard to travel and date seriously. I want a serious relationship eventually so I do try to date when I'm back at home. I met this guy on an online dating site and we went out on our first date before I left for my next assignment in Tennessee. I had a great time with him and we seemed to click right away. He's the nerdy/dorky type. He invited me to come back to look at his place (fyi he's an architect) I went back to his place and he showed me around. He was a gentleman the whole time and tried no moves on me. He told me that his roommate is getting married in June and him and his wife are moving out. My lease ends in June and without thinking I offered that I would consider renting the place since it's a good location and costs 1/2 less the rent than I'm paying now. He seemed to be thrilled by the idea and said he would be up for it rather than trying to find some random person off Craigslist. The date went great and he told me whenever I'm back in Charleston to contact him... The only thing is I was hoping to get to know him more even by long distance. The next time I'll be in Charleston will be in 3 months. Is it worth it to wait that long for our next date or try to start up conversations with him through text?


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