Claims that he loves me then quits communicating. Why?

We've been talking for months. We have so much in common like our lifestyles and values. We have so many jokes and honestly make each other extremely happy. But my brother told my parents that he doesn't approve of this guy. We could t stand not talking because of that so we've been talking still. About a week ago he said that he loves me and hasn't ever felt this way before. But lately our conversations at negative and short. Well go a couple days without talking then he'll text me again apologizing and telling me he misses me. And I realize that I love him too, I never told him I love him but I told him I was close to loving him. I guess I've always been kind of doubtful about the situation. But it hurts to know that I can't have the one I love and that things aren't working out. Without him my anxiety and depression has been much worse and I feel like I need him in my life. I wonder what this would be like for him. And any advice for me would be appreciated. I feel like I'm losing the one for me.


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  • he mustve lied.


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