What do you ladies think?

So i knew this gal for years but i never asked her out because i knew she was going to jail for dui for years.

Always liked her. Drove her for business. She tips 100 % usually.

Two years pass. She gets out. So she needs a ride and calls me.

Says hey we should go out and catch up. So i ask her out to dinner. She says yes.

I say how about Thursday at 7 pm. She says not then but i can do 9 pm or 3 pm due to class.

So the day off she texts me and says hey how are you doing.

We go out. I pick her up. 5 minutes in she says I've been dating the guy before i went to jail.

Dinner goes well otherwise. I pay the bill. She never offers to split. Says it was great and that im awesome. We hug good night after i drive her home.

So what do you think of that. Do women date multiple guys or whats my situation. How should i proceed. The other guy is a older guy in a band. I own a business.


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  • This is a bit brutal but I think you're wasting your time... Plus, why date a chick that's been in jail, but I have trust issues with people from jail so I'm kinda bias...

  • Just keep it going, ask her out again.


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