Guys, if you hooked up with a girl, what are the chances you would again if she asked to? Is it tacky for a girl to ask to meet up again?

Like say you planned on just having a one night stand. You guys had sex. And she messaged you a few days later asking if you were down again. And then after that she wants to again.. Would you continuously be down? I hooked up with a guy and basically I've done the above and he keeps saying yes and is all for it when I ask him. I know he isn't having sex with other women. He is kinda a goody-goody nice dude. (We are 22 btw). I'm just wondering what HE thinks when I ask him for a booty call basically. I'm not catching feelings for him because I don't know him on a personal level. I just like how we get it on and want to do it over and over. I keep saying it's the last time but then I want more.


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  • Of course. You already got me in them booty calls yeah?