Should I ask him if he wants to have sex again this weekend? I want to be booty call partners with him?

We are 22. Met a week ago.. Had sex Friday then again on Sunday. He and I both hadn't had sex for a good 3 months. He's kinda a goody-goody... Doesn't drink, seems really clean, etc.

Anyways, since Sunday, our only contact was on snapchat... I sent him a snap Thursday night and he responded when he was in his bed saying heyyy at midnight.
Other than that, I messaged him on snapchat in the morning asking what he's doing this weekend and he didn't respond.

I want to see him again for sex, but I don't know if he has forgotten about me and only wanted a weekend thing? I know I'm really attractive & have guys after me a lot, so one would think he would be down... But I don't want him to think I'm catching feelings because I'm not. I don't really like him personally, but the sex is what I'm craving because he's really good. Even though he hasn't reached out to me, would it be okay if I did to him? I did last weekend and he was down... So is it fair to do so again?


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