Guys, what are your top 5 turn offs in a woman?

The top 5 things that turn you off a woman. List them with 1 being your biggest turn off, 2 being your second biggest turn of etc etc


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  • 1. Ugly
    '2. Loud and obnoxious
    3. Stupid
    4. Her laugh sounds like a cackle
    5. Does not enjoy sex

  • Gold Digging

    Using men to have an easy life and never having to work again

    Acting like a bitch all the time

    Sleeping around all the time

    No 1 for me is>>>>Turning your back on your own brothers leaving them for dead like I was by my own sister

  • 1. Smoker
    2. Does drugs
    3. Poor hygiene
    4. Overweight to the point it's unhealthy and she has no drive to get healthy
    5. Negative attitude

  • 1. Talking like a trucker - i don't find that attractive
    2. Being your class A bitch
    3. Smoker
    4. Being fake (aka plastic Surgery)
    5. Trying to do sexting while in the moment (like "yeah you like fucking my pussy with that dick of yours don't you") too much like a porn vid...

  • 1. Women who don't know how to text back (you know women check their phones every 2 seconds)

    2. Women who think they are too good for men because they get showered with compliments

    3. Women who have kids at age 19-25, become a single mom and then wonder why they cannot find a good man.

    4. Women who go for trashy men and then try to rationalize their feelings when they guy cheats on them

    I don't have a 5

  • Uninterested in the world around her
    Hates kids (which is different from not wanting them)
    Physically unattractive to me
    Angry/impatient with the world

  • It's too bad you didn't ask this of both sexes so the women could see this.

    • Women can still se it I think. Just women can't comment.

    • I don't believe I've noticed a 'girls only' question in the general feed as a male subscriber and assumed ti would be the same on the pink side.

      I guess we could test it.

      "Feminists love to be honered with the title of cum-catcher."

      There, if girls can see this we can expect a feminist rant in about 5..4..3..2..

  • 1. Fat
    2. Over 30
    3. Saying my car is 'cute'
    4. That last one, again
    5: Deceptively ruined pussy.

    Experienced that last one a few weeks ago. Cutest chick, but a vagoo like a fucking cave

    • What if she farts and it smells of rotten eggs. Sorry lol

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    • Yeah, fuck that, I'm a pretty obnoxious dude and even I don't let rip in public. :D

    • Yes, a woman that was in high school back in 2000 said she got gas in class, the class was slient and there were people sitting behind her and she pushed a massive long loud fart out that everyone heard. She told me it was no accident and that she thought like this "MMMM... I need to fart, I don't care what anyone thinks I want this fart out and she pushed it out" She did not care what others thought or what they said she just wanted it out.

  • 1. If she has a fake Boobs.
    2. If she doesn't has a big ass or ass. Have you seen a girl with less ass or filled with bones, it's a turned off for me.
    3. If she is Liar or short minded.
    4. If she isn't loyal to me.
    5. If she doesn't has a girl's voice ( ever heard man's voice from a girl? like you are listening to a boy or man).

  • 1. has a penis (you never know nowadays)
    2. smokes
    3. unconcerned about her health (i. e. morbidly underweight or overweight), this overlaps with #2
    4. uses too much make-up (ex: Nicki Minaj)
    5. airhead (perhaps you know the type)

  • 1. Bitchy attitude.
    2. Smokes.
    3. Overweight.
    4. Unhygienic.
    5. No sense of humour.

  • Women who act like men
    Women who do male jobs, police, soldiers etc.
    Women who play men's sports
    Women who look like men.

  • bad teeth, smokes tobacco, too skinny, depressed all the time, poor hygiene

  • 1 obese
    2 drugs includes smoking
    3 unhygienic
    4 bitch attitude
    5 very loud or super shy

  • 1. Fat
    2. Smoker
    3. Unhygienic
    4. not pretty
    5. not feminine