Have you had problems with your partners ex/fling coming around?

So, the girl I'm seeing, I saw her for 5 months last year before going to Europe and she felt I had the best connection with her out of everyone she has dated (she is 28). She saw a guy in the summer for 2 months then he left to go party in Australia for 4 months, but now he is back. I've been seeing her again since October. I shouldn't be worried about a fling should I?

I haven't heard from her all week either since Monday because she thinks I don't trust her and it bothered her. I sent her an apology on Facebook (since her cell has been broken all week) on Thursday. She read it, but no reply yet. This girl always tells me how she feels and is genuine, she has never lied to me. She was also diagnosed with Hypothyroid a week ago.

Am I over thinking?


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  • I shouldn't be worried about a fling, should I?"

    Depends. Has she given you reason to feel concerned? From a historical perspective, has she had many boyfriends, long-term relationships, etc? If yes, then I understand why you feel concerned. That doesn't necessarily mean you're feelings are justifiable, though. But, hey, I hear you.

    She is absolutely, positively correct, nonetheless. You don't trust her. Nor do you believe that you can one up her ex, even though she's with you.

    That being said, act like she's with you. Stop being accusatory and insecure as far as her ex is concerned, which may nudge her towards him. Readily give her space without a fear of loss. Again, she's with you, not him.

    • Thanks for your opinion good sir.

      Out of all the time I've known her, the majority of the time she has been with me. This fling was 2 months and I know it meant nothing. She has given me no reason for concern, she is honest and faithful to me, very genuine. I guess I just don't want to lose her... again. Past week and a bit have been hard because I lost my grandmother and she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

      I cheated on her last year too, I had tinder when I was with her, I feel like she would get revenge on me, just because one of my exs did that to me.

      I haven't shown any sign of jealousy about other guys at all either towards her. I've given her space all week, before she has been quiet towards me for a good amount of time until I smartened up. Not the best strategy I believe, but when she comes around, it's usually good.

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