Girls, do you usually know if you like a guy as soon as you meet him, or does it take you a little while to like him after getting to know him?

There is this girl that I'm interested in getting to know better who is hot, smart, nice, single, and not a hoe. I've been screwed over plenty of times so I'm cautious about this since it's fishy that she is hot and everything, but she is single. It seems too good to be true, like I might find out that her family is strict as hell, she's lesbian, or she just doesn't like guys or something. But anyways, I've been getting to know her better, and trying to make myself stand out to her, and she hasn't reacted much. She accepts all of my advances, and we get a long great, but I don't know if she just isn't interested, or if I just need to give it more time. So ladies, do you usually like the guy when you first meet him, or does it take a little while for you to get intrested?

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  • It takes me a little while to get to know him and like him
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  • I often like a guy just by his appearance. Its kind of like love at first site. However, I have to get to know him and his personality to really like him. So yea even if we "think" we like each other from the start, we have to take some months to really get to know each other before pursuing a relationship

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