How obvious are girls when they are interested in a guy they just met?

I have a lot of girls that I talk with on a regular basis. I meet new ones all the time and have a good time talking to them; but I've never actually met a girl who after meeting her, comes across as very interested in dating me. They are still friendly, and nice to me, but they never seem into me. I dont get it, I'm meeting plenty of girls, off the top of my head I can think of 10 in the past 6 months who were at least possible candidates for a relationship, which is more then enough. Why are they all okay with being friends with me, but no girls are ever super into me after meeting me? There are girls that I will meet who I will talk to for like 2 hours straight and I will think that I did such a good job, only to find the girl seeming like she just wants to be friends. What should I do if girls dont seem interested in me? It always wrecks my self esteem and I second guess myself and usually end up friendzoning her because I dont think I have a chance, but is this a common thing girls do? Or will it be more obvious if a girl is interested when you meet her?


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  • One thing I've found: The older the girl, the more obvious she is. The younger ones are often just as shy as guys, just as inexperienced, and just as confused about the whole thing. The older they get, the more straightforward they are because they're far too busy - and not interested in - little games.

    In your situation, if there are that many girls who are passing, you might want to flat-out ask. Like when Rob went back to all the chicks he broke up with, just to find out why they broke up with him... High Fidelity is the movie, by the way. ;)

  • Girls are never obvious, it's a shot in the dark you gotta take.

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