First date but no follow up? Did he die?

So I met this guy on tinder and when we matched we talked for a while and he was really excited to meet me in person and so we did. We went out to dinner and clicked pretty well, he told a bunch of lame jokes and we bickered and talked and after eating (he insisted that he wanted to pay) we walked around for hours. We went to a museum and grabbed coffee and tried on stuff in a couple of boutiques along our way and the conversation was solid.

Throughout the course of the date he kept making plans for other outings. Saying oh I want to take you here next time or maybe we can stop by this place, I think you'll like their food. Things like that. He kept telling me how much of a good time he was having and asking me if I was having a good time too, which I was. We ended the night getting dessert in a pastry shop close to his and when I told him I was gonna head home he insisted on taking the train with me back downtown, mind you we were already by his house, and said that if the trains weren't running he would pay for my ├╝ber ride home but we managed to catch the last train for the night and he left me at my stop and we hugged with promises for date two and to keep In contact. Immediately after he was out of my line of sight he text me saying that he had an awesome time and that whenever I wanted to hang again to just hit him up/to get home safely.

I responded saying the same and told him that if he wanted to hang again to just say the word. I wanted to leave the ball in his court so as to not run the risk of texting too soon/being clingy. And now it's been a week and I can't help but think that maybe he was just sticking around on the date to make me feel good about myself, like a pity date. He hasn't texted me and I chalked it off to him being busy but if a guy wants to talk to you they find time to do that, yeah? Was he just stringing me along because he felt bad? Should I just start moving it along?


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  • Hmmm dinner, museum, coffee, desert. That's quite a bit for a first date. How much of that did you cover? Actually never mind that, let's get to the real issue: why can you not initiate a conversation?

    • I covered coffee and desert, the museum was free and he kept saying he didn't want me to pay for anything. That's a really good question, I was apprehensive to message him first only because I was unsure if I would be interfering with his day to day? It seems to ridiculous now that I'm typing this out.

  • Lol relax OP, you are worrying a lot for guy u met on tinder

    1) He could be busy
    2) He ffound hotter chick


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  • He said you should text him and you didn't. He's probably just add worried add you are. Just text him!

    • Ugh when you're right you're right. I just text him, now we wait. Thank you!