Can I be the one asking out on a 2nd date?

The day just before leaving the city where I study for home during Christmas break, I went on a first date with a guy (he asked me out via text), to a cafe were we had something to drink. Time went by so fast that when we looked at our watches we'd spent 4 hours just there talking. It was great and I think we got along smoothly. Right before saying goodbye he asked if I'd be down to meet up again after the holidays and I said definitely (I was thrilled).

These past few weeks I only heard from him when he texted me to reply to my "merry Christmas" text. Then he asked about something we'd talked about on our date and I replied jokingly. And I never heard from him again. No allusion to meeting again. I go back to the city next week and I want to see him again so badly... But I worry that he might have changed his mind/ found someone else/ lost interest during the Christmas break.

So guys, so you think it'd be a TURNOFF if I texted him first and asked him to go ice skating with me or something? I don't want to seem desperate, but that'd technically be double texting, since he didn't reply after my last text two weeks ago. Is it normal he hasn't texted me since dec 24th?


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  • you should be able to text him and ask him out! If he doesn't respond, then just let him go. At that point you won't ever talk to him again, so who cares if you seemed a little desperate. But most guys on here wish that a girl would ask them out, so no it's not desperate to do the asking.