Sexy selfies to take?

Hey guys so me and my man are Longdistance and I wanted to take and send him some sexy pics. I've sent him a pic of me in some sexy underwear and one over the shoulder ass picture where I'm laying naked on my bed but you can only see my ass and my face. I just wanted some suggestions as to what others I could take. Dw I trust him we've been together for 3 years and meet every so often. But I wanna give him something every so often too... Just wandering what so if you have any idea on sexy pictures to take... Preferably not nude lol and also poses etc...


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  • Came here to help then read "preferably not nude".

    The sexiest picture you can take for a guy is a naked picture, in my opinion. Or maybe that's 'cause I know the guy I do that stuff for prefers naked pictures, and seeing me in a bra and panties doesn't really do anything for him when he knows whats underneath.

    • Just straight up naked like facing the mirror straight on kinda naked or what lol... And idm just I'm not too comfortable and he accepts that tho when he's with me I get naked for him all the time

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    • Lol ik anymore ideas?

    • As I said, those are all my standard poses. He usually tells me a certain pose if he really wants me to do one.

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